Hair removal spray for 360 o usage with pain less technology that last longer than shave. Our innovative formula combines 21st century technology & safe ingredients to help you get clean, flawless & moisturized skin.

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the product

Use anytime, anywhere
Non-fussy & Non-sticky
Pleasant smell
Painless to use

how it works


Spray the product generously over unwanted body hair at a distance of 10-15 cm.


Leave on for at least 6-8 minutes, depending on hair thickness and volume. Do not exceed 10 minutes. Once the hair has softened, wipe away with wet clean tissue/towel.


Rinse off any residue with water & pat with a soft towel.


360 o Coverage

Difficult to reach body parts can be accessed easily.

Anytime & Anywhere

No need to plan for parlor visits or wearing short sleeves or shorts pants. etc.

Use at Specifc Targeted Area

On The Go Usage, wearing a short sleeve just spray on the exposed part of hands, wipe & get a clean flawless & moisturized hands no washing or bathing required. Party-Ready In 10 Min, so SMILE after USE.

Pleasant Smell

It leaves no unbearable smell.

Painless to Use

It's Just Spray, wipe & clean, so no pain in the whole process.

Cost Effective

As it last 6 times more than any cream, 100 ml Spray = to 600ml of cream.


Depending upon the skin types, the formulation is blended.

Inove Women Hair Removal Spray, Sensitive 100ML.

Rs. 475


Inove Women Hair Removal Spray, Normal 100ML.

Rs. 475


Inove Women Hair Removal Spray, Natural 100ML.

Rs. 475


Inove Men Hair Removal Spray, 100ML.

Rs. 475


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I have sensitive skin, even creams for hair removal would leave rashes, after using INOVE Hair removal spray no rashes, surprisingly the skin got clean, soft &fairer also.
Earlier while applying cream hair remover it was difficult to apply behind the knees area, but with this INOVE Hair Removal spray it is easy, the results are fabulous
Wow, 100ml inove hair removal spray I have used it 2 times on my full arms & legs till more than 50% is remaining in the bottle. Results are excellent.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Can I use INOVE to remove my pubic hair ?

Though INOVE Hair Removal Spray is a water base spray, you can use the product around your bikini line, take care not to make contact with your intimate areas. Applying the product too close to your genitals can result in adverse reaction.

Does Inove Hair removal Spray last longer than hair removal creams?

Yes, Inove Hair Removal Spray being water base enters in to the hair follicle & dissolves the hair root unlike the creams which are oil based & difficult to enter the follicle, hence you can see retardation in hair growth & flawless smooth skin for a longer period.

How long do you keep Inove Hair Removal Spray on for ?

7 to 8 min. depending upon texture of your body hair , but certainly Not over 10 min.

  • Step 1. Spray Inove Hair Removal Spray generously from a distance of 10-15 cm on the body parts covering the hair & touching the skin & leave on for 7 min.
  • Step 2. then test a small area for hair removal with a wet wash cloth, if the hair is easily removed than wipe the entire area using a wet cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth.

About Us

INOVE is made in INDIA, with only indigenous ingredients. The production is done at state-of-the-art cGMP, ISO, FDA-certified, allergen-free facility backed by a qualified team of professionals working in active collaboration with nature. Manufacturing conditions strictly adhere to international Sanitation Standards. Automatic Process Control / Monitoring Instruments replace the old ‘Mortar & Pestles’ enhancing refinement of products. The End Products are packed in aseptic conditions untouched by hands, Emphasis is on manufacturing a wide range of innovative products which are SAFE & CONVENIENT for the consumers.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, each product is an expression of the healing touch of mother nature in its purest form. A well-equipped laboratory is provided to take care of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and R & D activities. Commitment to the highest quality implies 100 checks & tests, right from selecting the purest ingredients to the formation of finished products which are safe to use.

We are an inventive, team of Qualified Chemists, a people-focused innovative company that believes in innovations to make life Simple & Safe. The world revolves quickly and your whole day can change in a heartbeat. Not to worry, we’re one step ahead of you, because we work hard to invent smart products which are easy to use and that don’t interrupt your busy lifestyle, but complement it.

Our Vision is to innovate products that Make Life Safe & Convenient.

INOVE it’s Simple and Safe.

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